Travelling is a lonely affair

Really I want the title to be 旅行是孤独的. I leave the Asia pacific for the first time in almost ten years. The last time we went out to west USA was in 2009! I am too used to flights shorter than eight hours. An article I found while googling why is it so tiring to travel listed that it is because of

  1. Staying in a cramped position
  2. Perpetual white noise

And what was new to me is a change in routine that makes the traveller tired. I am still wide eyed and curious about the differences between Austria, Hungary and Germany; Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. But I think I need to do this over a month.. not three days.. this is Dec 18 where I am, Dec 19 for u. I’m still jet lagged or mal des embarked(?)


Reading week is quite painful

Less painful with the sounds of the harmonica from the man playing on the NEL. Don’t even need to plug into my Spotify playlists “vibes”, “pms” or “hot blood” with one same song that is Leaving by power station. This reading week, I had zero interaction with people because most things have come to an end. I have nine days Saturday–Sunday to mug for two papers and another five to Mug for one.

It is Black Friday also. Not sure about the meaning behind this event, religious or western?

I want to buy a coffee machine to make affogato or ice white. I also want a earphones for macbook since Apple earphones are for new gen Apple products only.i wouldn’t mind a toner for me to soak cotton pads with and plaster on my cheeks. Some basic dresses from Zalora (maybe even Muji) so I don’t have to spend seven minutes in front of my cupboard thinking about what to wear.

My first two papers complement each other. They are about methods of understanding society. Oh they are from the same department

i also need some closure

closure is the theme for the sem. se32 which i thought would be a scary module turned out to be the warmest class… at least for this sem. took it w long time friend so i wasnt learning alone. and the assignment is presented in video format which is breathtaking from the previous essays or ppt. truly, there are so many styles of communication and writing is just one of them

sc21 which i luckily decided to take this sem is taught by a nice guy (this feels like a module review post alr…) but previous semesters taught the students research in a dead way which the prof this sem hates! hashtag bless. craziest moment this sem goes to the fieldwork for this mod. hashtag bless.

ill save the other two mods for my real mod review blog..

i also need closure from my CCA (co-curricular activities)

academia is just one part of my lifestyle, really. i learn equally verywhere i go.

i’ll miss the funny students ! n, who is so angry and spells well; n2, who is so anxious and speaks the best; a, who is so small and quiet but i heard him say n2’s name on my last day which is so cute?! acknowledging his best friend maybe; q, my fave girl!! super q. i wish her peace and her mother strength.. really. a2, so anxious too, looks like a cat. and e, so shy and rebellious?? not sure


This semester..

It is week 12. Clubs have given it their welfare packs. The semester is ending ..

Every first day of the academic year / semester I take a picture. Firstly my face has gotten rounder over the 13 weeks (incl 4reccess week) for 5/13 weeks I was ill so I stopped running.

But coughing also gives abs?

Every semester outdoes the previous.. entering the last semester lo~~

First sem was exciting every day because I was so new to the school

Second sem was prolly the sem I looked the prettiest?? Nice hair, wore contacts most of the week

Third sem was packed with FXAP lol but it was nice too

Fourth sem I went Shanghai TOML!

Fifth sem (this sem) is a calm sem.. doing my classes with more purpose,, every step has a meaning,,,

Last sem!!!!

18,000 steps

I haven’t walked more than 15,000 steps since I came home in July. Not even when I worked at gardens where I had to stand around for eight hours. At most 14,000. Most days when I am out of home from 7 to 7, I spend the time sitting.

Today was fun it’s like when I was on exchange going around the city. Like that day in Beijing from 4:30AM to 9:30PM #youth

18,000 steps around the whole of M**** camp because the directions and signage were not clear. And from City Hall MRT to the Crocs at Suntec City because my skin could not take the fancy shoes anymore. Why did I even wear those shoes?

And then from Suntec to the Asian cilisaltion museum.

That’s 18,000 steps.

Conversations on 77

Which is a bus I took from Holland village to Orchard.

Is about two girls with nice Long black hair

“Tembusu is not a proper hall”

Jerald spelt J-e-r-a-l-d asked girl a out

Which girl b immediately deduced that Jerald had broken up with Mindy(?)

Jerald from A. C. S. I.

On bus 112 which characterises my university life,

Young students from Xing hua take up the front seats and I don’t remember what they talk about haha